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OwnCloud Emerges As Open Source Competitor to Dropbox,

"In the past few days, though, an open source competitor to them, dubbed OwnCloud, has been getting a lot of attention. It's a Linux-based way to set up your own cloud computing instance, which means you don't have to have your files sitting on servers that you don't choose, governed by people you […]

ownCloud in the news

Former SUSE Exec Joins Open Source ownCloud, Launches Commercial Entity

"ownCloud has a lot of ground to cover before it catches up to Box and Dropbox. Of course, ownCloud does have the open source community on its side. With Rex at the helm, the new ownCloud commercial effort will be a project to watch in 2012."

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owncloud Open Source Storage Launches Commercial Entity

"Again, the cloud-storage channel is already pretty saturated. But ownCloud stands out not only as one of the only fully open source offerings in this space, but also because (unlike competitors such as Dropbox) it's not a hosted service and has no plans to become one. At the same time, while Rex […]

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OwnCloud: An open-source cloud to call your own

"Many of aren't crazy about the fact that our files, music, and whatever are sitting on someone else's servers without our control. That's where ownCloud comes in. As a Linux geek, I already liked ownCloud. At the company releases mass-market ownCloud products and service in 2012, I think many of […]

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Owning Up to the Limitations of File Sharing

"No matter the reason, it's pretty clear that users across the spectrum have rebelled against the current limitations of file sharing in the enterprise, which is a problem that gets more acute everyday with the addition on any number of mobile computing devices. The question now shouldn't be so much […]

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OwnCloud showered with $820K in first funding round

"Boston-based nascent cloud storage and sharing startup ownCloud Inc. has taken in $820,000 of a planned $1.25 million funding round, according to federal documents."


Well we did it and happy Holidays

Well, we did it. After months of incredibly hard work, we launched a company. And people took notice! I've also received a lot of emails and phone calls from friends, colleagues and IT executives from companies large and small congratulating us and also asking how we are different from what's […]

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Do You Want Your OwnCloud?

"One service OwnCloud will not be providing is an actual hosted cloud storage service. Unlike DropBox, which only has a cloud service, OwnCloud is all about enabling users to build their own cloud storage, independent of a specific cloud vendor. "We are a software company, and we do not sell […]

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OwnCloud: Open Source File Sync Tool Hits the Cloud Market

"But a completely open source solution that's available to the channel is well worth keeping an eye on, if only if it keeps the aforementioned big guns of this market segment from resting on their laurels."

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Zero to ownCloud in Minutes!

How can I try out ownCloud quickly? Was the most asked question since last week. Here is an exciting report from one of you, which we do want to share in order to make it easiest for everybody: Yesterday, I was trying to figure out how to backup my home files to a server. My past experiences […]

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Open Source Challenger to Dropbox and ownCloud

"ownCloud lets you choose where your files are going to be hosted. You can use Amazon S3, you can use Google, or you can drop in your own server. For casual users, ownCloud is probably a bit more maintenance than the average user is going to want to deal with. Folks who are particularly privacy […]


The technology behind ownCloud

I will blog here regularly about interesting aspects of ownCloud and the technology behind it. This first entry is about the general architecture and a few of our main design decisions. The goal: The goal of ownCloud is to bring the convenience and benefits of cloud services to people without […]

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Popular Open Source File Sharing Project Creates Commercial Entity and Taps Former SUSE Exec as CEO and CTO

ownCloud combines consumer ease-of-use with enterprise security Boston, MA - December 14, 2011 - Joining the red hot market for secure, manageable and easily accessible and sharable storage, ownCloud, the popular open source file-sharing project, announced that it has formed a commercial entity […]


ownCloud Inc. and the ownCloud community

The ownCloud project is 2 years old next month!! Today is an exciting day because today we announce a company as an addition to the open source project to push ownCloud forward. ownCloud Inc. will offer ownCloud services and support to enterprises in addition to to the normal open source version […]

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Welcome to ownCloud, Inc.

So hopefully you are here because you heard the news today. ownCloud has been an extremely successful open source project - generating more than 350,000 users. We thought it was time to take ownCloud to the next level - offering businesses a truly flexible, manageable, secure AND easy to use way […]