And it’s Over

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 9. November 2012

That’s right, it’s too late to tell us how you ownCloud. Well, not really, you can always give us feedback, tell us how great we are and even tell us what you’d like to see us doing here ( But what is over is our contest and the ability to win fabulous prizes. We had over 100 responses and 20 winners of goodie bags:

Petar P., Serbia
Benjamin D., Germany
Gaspar F., Spain
Alessandro I., Italy
Nelson R., Portugal
Ferdinand T., Germany
Markus H., Germany
Tim S., Netherlands
Daniel D., Australia
Marc C., Germany
Danel M., Spain
Michal P., Poland
Andrew W., UK
Alexandro R., Spain
Stefan H., Germany
Angelica L., Spain
Jody H., US
Ingolf S., Germany
Igor F., Switzerland
Vincent P., Germany

We’ll be announcing the top three winners next week, stay tuned. In the meantime — here are some things we heard from you.

Andrew W., UK
What made ownCloud more attractive than other file sync and share offerings to you?
“The fact that I can self host means that storage space is not an issue. I can grow my storage much quicker and cheaper by self hosting than if I went through a provider. The multiple interfaces mean that I can easily access my data anytime/anywhere.
Being able to access all my files that only I control, from anywhere in the world, on whatever device, running whatever OS, is priceless!”

Jody H., US
Did ownCloud make your life more productive / efficient / easy? How?
“Well, since I was in the practice of using cloud based file sharing and storage to begin with my story may be a little different here. The efficiency and streamlining I have is based on consolidation. With dropbox, google drive and iCloud I had different data in different places and different user ID’s and passwords just to accomplish having enough storage or based from personal and business related data. Having all my data in one place and on a server that I control gives me piece of mind and one stop access to what I need.”

Ingolf S., Germany
What made ownCloud more attractive than other file sync and share offerings to you?
“Family pictures are rather personal information. We want to share them within the family but we do not want them accessible to third parties. Other solutions require us the give them access to our pictures and thrust them with keeping the pictures save.”

Congratulations to all the winners and thanks for your input!

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