Android Community: ownCloud Android client updated, new features in tow

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 17. August 2016

or those who don’t like the idea of a very public and seemingly unsecure idea of cloud storage, you can actually make your own cloud-based file server. This is the argument for ownCloud, who markets their services to individuals and businesses alike. You sync your files to your ownCloud server, and have secure and unique access to that cloud storage location via the ownCloud Android app.

The ownCloud Android client has just recently been updated to version 2.1, and it has a few new features for users to enjoy. First up, the app now allows for multiple selection of files, so you can apply batch actions to selected files. This was a very common request from users, and it’s good the developers finally saw this as a need. No more handling files one by one.

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