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by Frank Karlitschek

posted on Tuesday, May 22nd, 2012

posted in Community

We did it again – and when I say “we”, I mean the amazing ownCloud community. Today we release ownCloud 4, filled with cool innovations, as well as some great, solid improvements. Now it’s time for us to take a break…. Ok, break over, ownCloud 5 work stars NOW!!

Take a look here for the full story on 4. Thanks again to our community – and as always, comments welcome.

5 Comments on this post:

  1. Thanks for this new version, but I couldn’t login after upgrade. This is due to bugreport:
    Might be good to have the patch included in bugrelease 4.0.1 to allow a smooth upgrade from 3.0.x to 4.0.x

  2. Lost17

    Cool ! Is there an easy way to update from Owncloud 4 to 5?

  3. Vladimir

    Hi Frank!
    Can you help me with Samba LDAP TLS? (OC 4)
    Where should I place my certificate files?

    I can’t find any information about the question I have.


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