Best ownCloud Developer Meeting yet

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 6. November 2012

Just recovering from the best ownCloud developers conference yet. Held on two continents (Berlin, Germany and Ann Arbor, Michigan), more than 30 developers got together to help make ownCloud the best file sync and share available. Have I said before that we have the best community? Well, we do.

Together, we fixed lots of bugs, discussed future QA, architecture and new cool features for next version and even wrote some code (:

After I shared my thoughts for the ownCloud strategy with the participants we decided as a team that moving forward we’d put a strong focus on QA and redouble our efforts on UX and usability – to expand ownCloud’s desirability to an even greater audience.

After an intense bug hunting session, those in Berlin had a great evening in the town.

I’d like to thank KDAB GmbH, Berlin for hosting us, they were terrific hosts!

Arthur SchiwonMatt Richars & Arthur Schiwon

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