Announcing the Federated Cloud Sharing API

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 6. August 2015

Over the last few weeks have written a series of blogs on Federated Cloud Sharing. First, I wrote that it was Time to Federate our Clouds and then discussed The Next Generation File Sync and Share Technology, ending the series with a description of The Federated Architecture of Next Generation File Sync and Share.

Today I published the first public draft of the Federated Cloud Sharing API on my personal blog. This is a draft proposal for our members of the open cloud mesh working group to get things started, so it gets rather technical. Regardless, the need for such a standard is clear to me, and so we wanted to offer it not only to the working group where we participate, but to introduce it to the largest possible audience. We have shared this draft already with a number of standards bodies and other open source file share and sync projects, and we’ll continue to work with them, as well as with anyone else who wants to participate.

If you’re into such things, I urge you to check out the draft API. If you have any feedback, be sure to leave it on my blog where I announced the API.

On ownCloud.org we’ve also published a post summarizing what Federated Cloud Sharing is and explaining how ownCloud Server 8.1 users can already try it out. The video below shows Federated Cloud Sharing in action between two ownCloud servers.

This Blog post is part three of our Federated Cloud series. You can find the other parts here:
Part 1: It is time to Federate our Clouds
Part 2: The Federated Architecture of Next Generation File Sync and Share

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