Burned by OneDrive?

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 4. November 2015

When Microsoft began offering unlimited storage space for OneDrive it was a bold move; a move to get ahead in the storage market. Turns out they are regretting their decision and now they’re taking it back. And they’re not just taking back the offer to prospective customers; it turns out their taking it back from customers who have already signed up with them for the unlimited storage.

According to Microsoft “If you are an Office 365 consumer subscriber and have stored in excess of 1 TB, you will be notified of this change and will be able to keep your increased storage for at least 12 months.” Okay, good; so now users have 12 months to back up their data (at least they have more time than those who used Wuala when it was discontinued), but who’s to say something like this won’t happen again? They promise you one thing then go back on it later. And based on some of the comments on Microsoft’s original blog, many of these users are not happy, and who can blame them?

It’s time for those now former OneDrive users to take control of their data and create their own cloud where they can decide their own storage limitations. With ownCloud, users never have to worry about changes in terms because their data is stored on their own servers and out of the hands those who have the ability to make these big decisions about your data.

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