Datto Drive is Built on ownCloud

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 2. May 2016

DattoToday our partner, Datto, has announced the launch of Datto Drive, a FSS service that targets SMBs. Datto Drive is a cheaper FSS alternative to the likes of Dropbox, Box, and Google for smaller companies. And according to Mark Calzone, president of Ash Creek Enterprises, “Datto Drive blows Dropbox, Box and Anchor out of the water in every way that matters to small businesses – price, features and ease-of-use.”

We are so happy for our partners, but we are even more excited about this news because Datto Drive is built on ownCloud! Because Datto chose to build on ownCloud they have the benefited support from the ownCloud community. That means that based on community feedback, Datto will be able to adjust the features roapmap to make an even stronger product. Also, because ownCloud is already being used by so many larger organizations, there is room for Datto to expand the initial SMB target into larger enterprise companies.

Great job Datto! We are honored that you chose ownCloud as your platform to create such an awesome new service!

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