Desktop Client 2.0 – Offering Multi-Account and Large Folder Sync

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 25. August 2015

Today ownCloud has released the newest version of the Desktop Client, 2.0. With this release comes the resolution of numerous bugs, as well as two brand new features: multi-account and large folder sync thresholds.

One of the most consistent requests we have had for the ownCloud Desktop Client is the addition of a multi-account capability. It seems that many people out there have more than one ownCloud and they want to be able to sync those various different ownClouds with one desktop client. Well, we listened and are pleased to announce the new desktop 2.0 from ownCloud, now with multi account sync. If you have more than one ownCloud account, whether it is on the same server or a different server, the ownCloud desktop client can now sync these accounts to your PC. You will notice a number of interface updates to make this possible. This is also a brandable option, so the client can be locked down to a single ownCloud server just as before using ownBrander.

One of the other big feature requests has been for us to enable a way to set the default behavior when a new large folder is shared with you. While selective sync allows a user to choose to not sync a folder, the folder is first synced by default before this decision can be made by the user. When connected to SharePoint by the admin, and with no action on the user’s part, the hard drive is full of all SharePoint files! We have fixed this problem with a new feature – sync thresholds. Now, with 2.0, the user can set a threshold size on the ownCloud desktop client, above which a new folder will not be synced automatically to the desktop – and this is for any folder, not just shared folders. If a user wants to have a new folder above the threshold synced, they just use the selective sync check box and the files and folders will be synced. For example, if the default size is 500 MB and a new folder is added to the ownCloud account that is larger than 500MB, a notification will pop up. The user will then have to specifically select the folder to have it sync. This threshold size is editable by the user, can be set to 0 or greater, and can be set to different thresholds on each desktop client. Further, it can be turned off in ownBrander, depending on the user case.

Of course there are a bunch of other updates to the client, as well as many performance and bug fixes. Click here for the full changelog.

Now go download 2.0 and let us know what you think!

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