EMEA IT Professionals Remain Cautious of the Cloud

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 11. March 2016

This week Danielle Correa, of SC Magazine, published “IT pros in EMEA urged to be cautious about cloud” based on a report from Spiceworks, “Diving into Cloud Services.”  The results of the report show that while cloud adoption is on the rise, the concern of IT professionals remains the same. With the new the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) coming into effect, organizations based out of Europe have to be especially concerned about where their data is stored.

John Webb, the director of EMEA marketing at Spiceworks reportedly says that “Although cloud adoption is clearly on the rise, the results show IT professionals continue to face several challenges, which vary greatly based on where they’re located. IT professionals in Europe have to be more cautious of where their data is located and more aware of new regulations taking shape in order to avoid financial penalties or reputational damage.”

The best solution in our opinion? Keep your data in your own control on your own servers. With ownCloud, IT professionals don’t have to worry about where their data is stored and can continue to share cross continentally using Federated Cloud Sharing.

ownCloud is a safe home for all your data.

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