Healthcare Cloud Security Concerns? Not with ownCloud

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 24. March 2016

This week Elizabeth Snell, of Healthcare IT Security, published an article addressing security concerns healthcare organizations should have when it comes to the cloud. Snell states that “One of the top healthcare cloud security concerns is sensitive information, such as PHI [Personal Health Information], being compromised.” She then goes on to site the Cloudlock’s Q4 2015 Cybersecurity report which “found that excessive PHI sharing was a top worry for healthcare organizations when it came to cloud security. Diagnosis, financial information, medical condition, and Social Security number were also areas of high concern for organizations.”

Also, according to Bitglass’ second annual Cloud Adoption Report, another cause for concern is HIPAA compliance and is a major reason as to why healthcare is behind “other industries when it comes to using cloud options.” This is a big deal! Luckily, ownCloud fits the bill when it comes to HIPAA compliance.

ownCloud is designed from the ground up to integrate with existing directory, security and rights management systems, ensuring that data governance policies are enforced end-to-end. In addition, ownCloud’s flexible logging features provide auditors with detailed visibility into all data access activities.  And keep an eye out for the upcoming ownCloud 9 capabilities to tag content and as well as other new features that give you even more control.

And when it comes to PHI security concerns, ownCloud addresses this as well. Unlike consumer-grade file sharing services, which store sensitive data on public cloud servers, ownCloud is deployed within an organization’s IT infrastructure. ownCloud integrates seamlessly with every part of the IT fabric – from user directories to security systems to monitoring and back-up services – ensuring that sensitive data remains under your control at all times. Yet it also provides the ease-of-use and mobility needed to streamline healthcare and life science information processes.

We are often asked if ownCloud is HIPAA compliant, and the answer is a simple one.  ownCloud lives on your server; if your existing infrastructure is HIPAA compliant, ownCloud does not alter this.

Visit our features page to learn more about how ownCloud can help keep your patients’ Personal Health Information safe and in your own control.

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