Implementing ownCloud on S3 by a Service Provider

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 13. November 2015

A service provider came to ownCloud to help them offer secure file sharing as a service to their customers.  As an industry leader in revenue cycle enhancement for payers and providers – they believe that secure electronic health information exchange is not just part of their business – it IS their business.

ownCloud’s secure file sharing is being utilized as a pass-through service and provides the backbone of their offering, while S3 enables them to improve their service while reducing their costs. Their solution, therefore, allows clients to effectively manage critical information that would normally reside outside electronic health records (EHR), closing the gaps in documentation and communication processes, and improving the continuum care through a fully accessible patient record.  They provide a secure electronic information exchange for Payers and Providers, enabling them to eliminate paper records and get paid faster.

As a service provider concerned with saving their clients time and money, as well as the mandate to secure their very sensitive data, the combination of ownCloud’s on-prem control plane and the flexibility to store data in S3 enables them to quickly and securely provision new clients while keeping their costs at a minimum.

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