Introducing the ownCloud Foundation

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 31. May 2016

^89D06846150D8D962DB4A2160D219591CA791C8C5FB54863FC^pimgpsh_fullsize_distrToday we are excited to announce the formation of the ownCloud Foundation. The Foundation is a non-profit entity created to oversee the entirety of the ownCloud ecosystem and to keep the future of ownCloud intact.

The Foundation is also a means of being more open with all of our users. By placing the project in the hands of the Foundation we are relying on the collective wisdom of the ownCloud community to provide the same, positive guiding hand to the governance of the project as they have to the creation, nurturing and development of the ownCloud project.  This important step ensures the continued growth and success of the ownCloud ecosystem.

With the inception of the ownCloud Foundation, there is a seven person governing board. The board members will span across the ownCloud ecosystem, from very active contributor to large scale deployment, all of whom will be announced in mid-July. Users are also encouraged to join the Foundation as members, and there are three levels of membership available:

  • Individual Members, who can join for free but do not having voting rights,
  • Contributor Members, who can join for free if they sign a Contributor Licensing Agreement, can vote, and can qualify as a board member should a pull request be accepted,
  • And Organization Members, who have an annual fee and are business entities, academic institutions, government agencies, or legal organization.

To learn more about the brand new ownCloud Foundation, be sure to check out the webpage.

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