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Introducing: ownCloud X

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 27. April 2017

Who do you trust with your data – your country? Any other state? Your boss, your IT department? Your husband? Google or Dropbox? And why don’t they trust you that you are able to choose yourself, who you trust with your data? Cross them – with ownCloud X.

ownCloud X marks a new ownCloud generation with a strong focus on security, performance and productivity. Based on discussions with end users, admins and business owners we are improving ownCloud – now with:

Extended Security

We have implemented several new security features. File integrity checks and the ability to split between app logs and owncloud.log are securing your data and prevent data losses while up- and downloading. Also user management gives you better options on keeping control over your data, next to regular maintenance and security updates after business standards.

Extended Collaboration

Where Google is yet dominating collaborative editing with GoogleDocs, we are introducing federation with Collabora instances. So in the future you don’t have to depend on the googleverse, you can depend on your own cloud! Several new features are also making collaboration with your friends easier; you can now create guest accounts and custom groups to arrange teams as you need them, and multiple link sharing (with different permissions, for example) to further specify who you want to know what.

This is making ownCloud a powerful tool for teamwork in any environment, for a small startup, for activists, for a family sharing the pictures of the last holidays, for your clique to make plans about the future.

Extended Performance

We improved the performance of ownCloud in all of the key areas, especially at the database. By providing a central user table for everything the performance-heavy queries are significantly reduced. But on top of that we are now supporting PHP 7.1 and Redis clusters.

Extended Marketplace

On top of that, ownCloud is on the next step to become a more diverse platform with infinite possibilities; we are introducing our new marketplace! With it you can develop apps and use the apps created by other ownCloud users, which further extend the usage possibilities of ownCloud. For a full explanation of how the marketplace is a big step towards ownCloud replacing the googleverse, look here.

These are the biggest steps forward – for the details, what exactly has changed, look at our changelog.

Take the opportunity and install ownCloud X now! It’s the easiest with a simple docker container. Become independent and take back control over your data!

You want to become a part of ownCloud X? Join the ownCloud X Launch event on May 23 in Cologne. Call for Papers is open now. Get involved and submit your presentation at events@owncloud.com!

All information can also be found here: https://owncloud.com/de/lp/owncloud-x/#CallforPapers

Disclaimer: For production systems we recommend to wait for the first update release. it is to be expected in about 4 weeks.

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