National Cyber Security Awareness Month- ownCloud’s Got Your Back

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 27. October 2015

cyber awareness month

This month marks the twelfth annual National Cyber Security Awareness Month.  The idea of NCSAM is that with a joint effort between the government and the cyber industry, Americans have the resources they need to be secure online.

According to “With recent legislation and support from the White House, cyber security is continuously a popular topic of discussion and rightfully so. More specifically, there is even stronger focus on consumers and their cyber safety.” And we couldn’t agree more! In this day and age where your cyber activity can expose you to security risks, who wouldn’t want to be aware of those risks and learn how to avoid them?

One risk in particular is the use of the cloud to store data. Just recently there was the article by Computing addressing the fact that hackers are targeting cloud storage systems because they see it as the “fruit-bearing jackpot.” And then of course there was also their article back in July about CIOs worrying about the security risks cloud computing and shadow IT by reducing the companies control over their data. And that’s true. When data is stored in the cloud it is no longer in your hands. You now have to trust a third party to keep your data safe.

I don’t know about you, but I don’t like trusting others to do something I can do myself. Which is why keeping your data on-premise is the best option when it comes to data security. Keep all of your data on your own server and control it yourself. So in honor of National Cyber Security Awareness Month let’s remember that when it comes to data security ownCloud’s got your back!

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