ownCloud 8.2 Enterprise Edition is Here

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 18. November 2015

Last month we announced the release of the ownCloud 8.2 Server while hinting at what was to come with the upcoming release of the enterprise edition. Well today is the big day. ownCloud 8.2 Enterprise Edition is finally here, and with this release comes our new Hybrid Cloud EFSS Model and all the new and updated features including advanced encryption, simultaneous SSO and LDAP sign in, and trash and version file deletion.

So, what’s so special about ownCloud’s new hybrid model? Unlike most hybrid models available on the market today that keep their control planes in the public cloud, ownCloud’s control plane is completely on-premise. This means that users have all the benefits of cloud-based sharing with the security, control, and integration of being on site. And with the recent Safe Harbor decision, this is important.

Also available, as I mentioned, is:

  • Advanced encryption, which gives admins the ability to enable external key storage (path based), enable the use of SSO with encryption and encrypt ownCloud session data.
  • Simultaneous SSO and LDAP sign in, allowing administrators to ensure that group membership information is up to date, while still having the ability to effectively authenticate users.
  • Trash and version file deletion, offering customers the ability to customize trash and retention policies, giving admins more control over storage usage.
  • and Share Link Password Policy, so administrators can now set tiered policies regarding public share links.

To learn about what’s new in Enterprise 8.2 watch this recording of our recent webinar, “Hybrid EFSS with an On-Premise Control Plane”. Download today and let us know what you think!

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