ownCloud 9.0.2, 8.2.4, 8.1.7, 8.0.12 and 7.0.14 Available

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 3. May 2016

The latest version of ownCloud 9, 9.0.2, is now available. In addition, ownCloud 8.2.4, 8.1.7, 8.0.12, and 7.0.14 are also all now available.

The updates include a number of lower severity security patches and hardenings. Updating to the latest version is recommended, however, please note that ownCloud 7.x will reach End of Life in May 2016, at which point support will be discontinued for all versions of ownCloud 7.x Enterprise Edition. So if you are running any version of ownCloud 7, now might be an ideal time to upgrade.

Here are some of the details found in the 9.0.2, 8.2.4, 8.1.7, 8.0.12 and 7.0.14 releases:

  • Fixes to share link upon upgrade
  • Resolved error message about latest version
  • Don’t call getUid on null for trashbin retention via cron
  • Avoid fatal PHP error dring cron execution
  • Update to AWS SDK version to what is in core files external
  • Show proper message if Files Drop link was deleted
  • Allow scrolling in announcement center
  • Error out if a local storage isn’t setup correctly
  • Check whether index is set before using it

Full changelogs, documentation, and other resources may be found at the links below:

Changeloghttp://download.owncloud.com/download/changelog-enterprise (to be updated shortly)


Other Resourceshttps://owncloud.com/resources

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