ownCloud Android App 1.8 Now Available

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 28. September 2015

Get ready for it guys…Today we have released the latest version of the ownCloud Android App, 1.8. I know, I know, it’s been a while. But what can I say? We didn’t want to offer you anything that was less than perfection! This latest version of the app has three major new features, which I must say are pretty cool: Material Design, the file copy feature and a text file preview function. There have also been some bug fixes and a fewer smaller features you will love, such as an update to the latest ownCloud Server share API as well as many other user interface improvements and performance enhancements.

The new android app has had a design overhaul and the new look includes a new action bar and drawer, new dialogs, and new icons. Look how much prettier it is!

The next new and awesome is the File Copy feature. This lets you copy files from within the ownCloud client. And speaking of files, let’s not forget the new Text File Preview feature is also now available. I know sometimes when I’m looking for a certain file I have a hard time remember which file it is. Is this the file I’m looking for or is it that one? Well, now with the Text File Preview function you can now get a preview of each file so you can make sure you’re opening the right one.

If you would like a little more background on each new feature and how our community of contributors deserves a big hand for helping to create the best Android App yet, be sure to check out our blog on our community site.

Get downloading and let us know what you think of the newest Android App!

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