ownCloud was Featured on Grey’s Anatomy and You Probably Missed It

Posted by – 1. October 2015

ownCloud in healthcareWho watches Grey’s Anatomy? Remember that episode from season 9 where the hospital goes digital? Rather than carrying around the hand written medical charts, all the doctors need are iPads. They can access each patient’s medical chart by accessing it with the iPad, which is connected to the hospitals main server. Well, that’s real life people! And not only is it real life, but this is exactly how some healthcare systems are using ownCloud. We’re almost famous! Come on Meredith, how are you accessing your patients files with your fancy new iPads? You know it’s with ownCloud, just admit it.

ownCloud is used by healthcare institutions as a means of digitally accessing patient information stored on the main server with a mobile device. This has so many benefits! They can go green by saving paper by simply imputing the information into their system. That’s very important these days. It also keeps patient information more organized. How many times have we heard about charts being mixed up and people receiving the wrong diagnosis? ownCloud is saving lives! Plus, how easy is it to misplace or have a written record stolen? With these files saved on an internal server with access from a mobile device, the chances are greatly reduced! That data is safely secured inside the system, under the control of the institution, not in the hands of a 3rd party cloud provider, where all files can always be accessed whether the internet is working or not. There’s no chance of forgetting where you put the file down. And if you misplace the iPad, just grab another one. Easy!

So the point is you need to go re-watch that episode of Grey’s to see ownCloud’s big Hollywood debut! Just kidding…sort of, it really is a good episode. But the real point is there are so many different ways to use ownCloud and this is just one of the really cool ways that ownCloud is being used in the healthcare industry.

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