ownCloud Supports the FSFE as Bronze Sponsor

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 20. January 2016

BronzeDonor2016_t_mediumownCloud is an Open Source project, and as such, we’re part of a wider ecosystem. While we first and foremost focus on creating great software for our users and customers, we also actively participate in building and maintaining this Open Source ecosystem at large. We do that on a technical level by publishing innovations like our Federated Cloud Sharing API, participating in the definition of standards at the W3C and contributing to many of the projects we work with. When it comes to business, we have partnerships with many large companies including Red Hat and IBM and we’re members of the Linux Foundation and Open Invention Network.

New and Old

Open Source traces its origins to the Free Software movement started by Richard Stallman, continuing in the Free Software Foundation. ownCloud has historically been close to this organization, having several prominent contributors and employees who are members or worked for the European sister organization of the FSF, the Free Software Foundation Europe. I’m therefore happy to announce that, from now on, we’ll be a Bronze sponsor of the FSFE, solidifying this relationship and formalizing our support for their work.
Not only journalists and activists depend on Free Software, the entire digital core infrastructure of our society does as well. The Free Software Foundation Europe works with policy makers, provides legal assistance, advice and defense, works on public awareness and promotes open standards (see here for more information). We believe the work the FSFE does is important and is deserving of support – ours, and yours too!

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“In a world where speech depends on software, free speech depends on free software.”
Don Marti

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