ownCloud Welcomes Ouachita Baptist University

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 24. November 2015

Ouachita and ownCloud

ownCloud would like to welcome our newest customer, Ouachita Baptist University. Ouachita is a liberal arts university which has earned a strong academic reputation and year after year, is ranked among the nation’s top colleges by such publications as U.S. News & World Report and Forbes.

In the past Ouachita previously used VPN and Remote Desktop as a means of sharing files, but with today’s obsession of being mobile, this left a hole in their security, as many resorted to using Dropbox-like cloud servers as a means of storing and sharing data. That means that when someone left the university, the school had no control over what data was taken with them which scared them. After looking into a number of different solutions to try and fill this hole, they came across ownCloud and were “blown away with options, features, and ease of use” and were particularly excited about the files drop feature.

So how does Ouachita use ownCloud? At the moment ownCloud is primarily used by the faculty and staff at the university. With files drop professors are able collect homework assignments and other files even if the student/collaborator does not have an ownCloud account by sharing a link that is either password protected or has an expiration date so students can upload or download assignments. This feature is especially useful for Ouachita Online. ownCloud provides them with access to files from any device, so that professors can grade papers uploaded to the shared link from home. ownCloud also integrates with Ouachita’s Windows network drives so they do not have to retrain the users, providing undisrupted workflows.

The IT Administrator at Ouachita, Rob Crockett has expressed everyone’s excitement over the implementation of ownCloud, so much so that he has received daily knocks on the door asking when they can start using it. Well, we’re excited you’re excited! And we look forward to working with you.

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