The Enterprise File Sync and Share Race to the Bottom Continues: But Someone has to Foot the Bill

We saw the announcement today that Box will now be offering 50GB – yes, you heard me, 50GB – FREE. Yikes.

Frank has talked about this before, but, what a great deal for Free users! But, being a cloud service, with a business model of selling storage – Box has to, you know, deploy and maintain the storage. So, who’s paying for all this “free” storage?

Well, I don’t know for sure, but I guess it’s the paying customers. It makes sense. Box has to make money, and they have to cover their operating expenses (see: free storage), so SOMEone other than Box has to pay for it.

So Free users – hooray for you, what a great deal. And watch this race to the bottom as Dropbox, Google et al have to chase this – even greater bargains for Free users. BUT, if you are an enterprise that needs to get control back of your sensitive company data, why do you want to subsidize all these free users?

Bring file sync and share back in house, under your control, using the storage you want (hmm, maybe even some of this free storage I hear companies are offering) and stop subsidizing the Free users.


  • There’s all sort of unethical things that go on in the background with such services. Such as selling agencies a profile that has been built on you, what your files consist of (photos, documents, or videos) Although it’s extremely unlikely your personal details are sold to agencies it still rubs my itch without any soothing.

    I guess that’s one of the top reasons why I use OwnCloud. It’s mine and only mine.

  • Yes security does matter for your data at some servers for enterprise,i think we need to update our box app at iOS to get a free 50 GB storage.There also some companies offering free 1 TB and more.

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