ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5 is here!

This morning, we released our most exciting enterprise offering to date – ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5.

File sync and share has become a critical tool for end users, but without proper security, privacy, authentication and governance, it can be a company’s worst nightmare.

We take the community-created ownCloud Community Edition and, immediately upon launch, begin certification tests of the server, desktop clients and mobile apps. We enhance the software, upgrading it to take advantage of the new features, making it all function properly together as an integrated unit and packaging and testing the installation and upgrade process. The result is ready-for-business, easy-to-integrate and extend, secure on-premise file sync and share.

Only ownCloud gives IT back control of sensitive company data, integrating directly with the security, authentication and governance tools – and on-site storage — they already have. And with open API’s, companies can extend ownCloud to meet additional needs.

Now you can take advantage of all ownCloud has to offer and get your data back under your control. ownCloud Enterprise Edition 5 is here.


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