What’s New in ownCloud 6 — Shared file notifications

As many of you have probably seen, we just recently launched an Alpha of ownCloud 6 Community Edition. We didn’t include many specifics on the features, so I thought I’d delve a little bit into one feature today — with more to come.

Chances are if you are sharing a file with someone inside your ownCloud, you want them to know the folder or file is shared with them and it is time to start collaborating. Until now, shared files and folders simply appeared in the Shared directory, a rather inconspicuous notification and one easy to overlook. At the same time, we also know that not everyone wants an email every time about what files and folders are shared with them, they just want them to work.

With ownCloud 6 we have solved this – by adding the email notification option to the Share dialog. When a file or folder is shared with a user or group, the owner sharing the files selects which user(s) and groups to send notification emails to. The groups and user(s) then receive an email with the relevant share information, and they know the file has been shared with them. Simple, clean and easy.

Welcome to ownCloud 6 — more feature delving to come. Feel free to request a feature you want to know more about!


  • Hi, Is it possible to modify my uploaded data in the group? If so, Can the uploaded file be prevented from modification?
    I mean, how my data be prevented from modification of others in the group?

  • My most concern is users,groups management , features ,
    and groups collaboration between users , viewers and we would like to change logo or icon on desktop or mobile devices

  • This is good news.
    Is the email message editable? This would really be handy.

    In addition, we SO badly would like to see a custom email messages when sharing the link over email to the outside world.
    After clicking share with link, populate another checkbox ‘Notes’, then extend the popup window with a multi-line input box and post those notes through on email when sharing.

    It would be a really hand feature :)

    • Thanks for the feedback, noted. Genereally of course you would be very welcome as a paying ownCloud Enterprise Edition subscription customer!

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