BYOD, the Cloud: IT Paranoia Strikes Deep, Employees go Underground

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 11. June 2012

For What It’s Worth, the more we watch the press, talk to analysts and hear from our customers, the more convinced we are that we are on the side of the angels.

Last week, we wrote about Mitt Romney and his unfortunate Dropbox hack. Today, we bring to your attention a story by one of our favorite reporters, Barb Darrow at GigaOM: BYOD blowback drives more IT underground. I won’t keep you in suspense, her story covers two surveys (including one from Forrester), but the coup de grâce comes at the end: “Forrester recommends that IT staffs be encouraged to stop fighting the rank-and-file and really learn about the tools they want to use and, where possible, facilitate rather than fight that use.”

Yep, YEP, EXACTLY what we’ve been saying since we launch our company in December. At the risk of sounding like broken a record (for those who remember records), it’s simple – cloud computing has brought enterprises to the brink of disaster in data management:

IT used to tightly control – from the devices and device access to data dissemination and use

  • Users got frustrated, started BYOD
  • New tools, including Dropbox and others, removed the IT roadblock – and it was free
  • So more users and clouds jumped on the bandwagon

IT is no longer in control of business data

  • Users continue to do what it takes to get the job done
  • Data continues to flow to uncontrolled cloud storage

Already dire issues and reactions

  • Mega Uploads lost enterprise data
  • IBM shut down Dropbox access
  • Google Drive owns all uploaded data
  • Documented Dropbox espionage

We believe enterprises must have three things

  • A cork to plug the massive data leaks today
  • An engine to control data flow tomorrow
  • A convenient, easy to use mechanism that removes the need to go around IT to “Dropbox”

We are only at the beginning here, corporate IT must lead, follow or get out the way.
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