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Federated Cloud Sharing in ownCloud 9 Enterprise Edition

The release of ownCloud 9 Enterprise Edition has introduced a number of updates and features. One such update is the Federated Cloud Sharing feature. Only ownCloud can connect federated servers in multiple geographic locations into a single user experience for seamless collaboration. By leveraging […]

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ownCloud Multinational Customers are Connected with Federated Cloud Sharing

How many companies are global? According to the International Labour Organization there are about 50,000 multinational enterprises world-wide. That’s over 200 million people. Let’s put that number in perspective. In 1986 about 6.5 million people held hands to form a chain across the entire […]

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Announcing the Federated Cloud Sharing API

Over the last few weeks have written a series of blogs on Federated Cloud Sharing. First, I wrote that it was Time to Federate our Clouds and then discussed The Next Generation File Sync and Share Technology, ending the series with a description of The Federated Architecture of Next Generation File […]

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The Federated Architecture of Next Generation File Sync and Share

In my last blog I introduced the concept of federation as the solution to the biggest limitation that second generation clouds suffer from: the difficulty of cross-cloud collaboration. In this blog I will describe the architecture of a federated file sync and share cloud, and where ownCloud is in […]

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The Next Generation File Sync and Share Technology

In my previous blog I discussed the evolution from public, consumer-oriented file sync and share cloud-based technologies to secure and flexible on-premise clouds. I closed the blog by pointing out that the second generation cloud file sync and share technologies has one problem: collaboration […]

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It is time to Federate our Clouds

ownCloud is at the forefront of new technologies being developed in the cloud file sync and share area.  I’ve been having conversations with researchers working in this area like the W3C, CERN and even had a very good discussion with Tim Berners Lee about this topic lately. We, at ownCloud, […]

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Federated Clouds at MIT

This Friday, 13 February, I’ll be speaking at MIT about the next generation of file sync and share – which is really about getting back to the original design of the Internet – distributed and federated networks. Check out the agenda at The idea […]