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ownCloud Article Data Security in International Business Published in CloudComputing-Insider

Just in case you missed it, yesterday I had an article published in German language publication, CloudComputing-Insider, “Data Security in International Business.”  Since the Safe Harbor decision last October and the inception of the new European Privacy Regulations, international businesses […]

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The Business Card Case

Imagine you are a German company who exhibited at a security show in Nuremberg, Germany. 1) People came to your booth and handed in their business card in order to receive further information (legally, that is a consent). 2) You scan the business card, together with the notes taken at the booth and […]

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You can soon be fined up to 4% of your annual revenue for any data protection violation!

The 3 major law making bodies in the European Union (EU parliament, EU commission and the EU council) have just this Tuesday agreed on the final terms of the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). After some more formalism, which shall happen in early 2016, such regulation will go into […]

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A Message on Safe Harbor

Since the recent decisions made about Safe Harbor the questions have been flying. How does this effect my company? Depends on the file sharing server you’re using. What about ownCloud, can I still continue to share my files cross continentally with ownCloud? Yes, absolutely. I’ve even been […]

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Data Residency, Data Sovereignty and the Mad Scramble

We’re a software company and our roots are in the open source community where, just four years ago, we started to believe there was a better option to file sync and share—a better option to cloud-based vendors like Dropbox and Box—and we put a stake in the ground.  We wanted people to have […]