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Fujitsu Integrates with ownCloud

Today Fujitsu, a multinational leading information and communication technology (ICT) company, has announced that it will be integrating with ownCloud. “Fujitsu Services for ownCloud Enterprise” is a private cloud platform designed for companies and public authorities to offer employees […]

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Canonical Ubuntu One Users, Come Check out ownCloud

You've probably already noticed that Canonical announced today their plan to shut down their Ubuntu One service. Canonical CEO Jane Silber wrote that "the free storage wars aren’t a sustainable place for us to be, particularly with other services now regularly offering 25GB-50GB free storage […]

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Libraries SHOULD be Free, and Public, Shouldn’t They?

That’s why today we announced we are releasing our mobile libraries under the MIT license. We are always talking about how extensible ownCloud is – how easy it is to extend ownCloud to do what you need to do with it, well, opening up these libraries is a great example. So check out the press […]

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ownCloud 6 Community Edition Release, What it Means to Enterprise Customers

I hope everyone saw the announcement today about the release of ownCloud 6 Community Edition. What a great job by the amazing ownCloud community – not to mention the project creator and our CTO Frank Karlitschek. Now that the community edition is here, what happens next? We do quite a few […]

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POOF, You Are Indemnified!

Hmm, does it really work that way? We’ve been hearing from customers lately about one of the 800 lbs. gorillas out there telling them that their data will be “indemnified” if they store it outside their firewall. Beyond the fact that it should give you pause that companies storing data in […]


Oops there goes another Cloud service

MobileMe died a quiet death last week, with Apple transferring all the data to its iCloud service. Sure, this marks a significant increase in  the cloud by Apple but it should also serve as a cautionary tale to users of cloud storage services – especially data synch and share services. Companies […]

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ownCloud inside Stackato – a private PaaS

We are happy to announce that our friends at Active State have added ownCloud to their app store. Now you can easily deploy the complete ownCloud app right into the private cloud of your choice using Stackato. We are not only pleased that ownCloud can be deployed with a click of a button, but […]

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Public Link from Dropbox — what a cool feature

So cool in fact, it's been a part of ownCloud since ownCloud 2 -- released last fall. It's great when family and friends are all on the same sync and share platform, but sometimes you just want to share something special with a group of people without the hassle of knowing what they use. A public […]

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The New Smart is Not Dumb

Picture this: Your business is losing 5% revenue year over year, but your market share remains constant. I know it sounds terrible, but this is where many land line carries are today. Traditional service revenues are declining, because the market for these services is declining from a revenue […]

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ownCloud 3 released

Our labor of love is out today and I know you will share my excitement when you spend a little time with Version 3 of ownCloud. What's so exciting? Well, let me start with the extensive polishing the community has done to the look and feel - and the performance - of the calendar and contact […]

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Zero to ownCloud in Minutes!

How can I try out ownCloud quickly? Was the most asked question since last week. Here is an exciting report from one of you, which we do want to share in order to make it easiest for everybody: Yesterday, I was trying to figure out how to backup my home files to a server. My past experiences […]


The technology behind ownCloud

I will blog here regularly about interesting aspects of ownCloud and the technology behind it. This first entry is about the general architecture and a few of our main design decisions. The goal: The goal of ownCloud is to bring the convenience and benefits of cloud services to people without […]