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ownCloud for Non-Profit

Due to the concerns around security risks of the cloud and the lack of control, this non-profit organization steered clear of cloud based providers and chose a solution closer to home. So although they’re original architecture was Windows-based, they set up a Linux instance in order to use […]

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ownCloud Welcomes Ouachita Baptist University

ownCloud would like to welcome our newest customer, Ouachita Baptist University. Ouachita is a liberal arts university which has earned a strong academic reputation and year after year, is ranked among the nation’s top colleges by such publications as U.S. News & World Report and Forbes. In […]

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Implementing ownCloud on S3 by a Service Provider

A service provider came to ownCloud to help them offer secure file sharing as a service to their customers.  As an industry leader in revenue cycle enhancement for payers and providers – they believe that secure electronic health information exchange is not just part of their business – it IS […]

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ownCloud Multinational Customers are Connected with Federated Cloud Sharing

How many companies are global? According to the International Labour Organization there are about 50,000 multinational enterprises world-wide. That’s over 200 million people. Let’s put that number in perspective. In 1986 about 6.5 million people held hands to form a chain across the entire […]

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ownCloud was Featured on Grey’s Anatomy and You Probably Missed It

Who watches Grey’s Anatomy? Remember that episode from season 9 where the hospital goes digital? Rather than carrying around the hand written medical charts, all the doctors need are iPads. They can access each patient’s medical chart by accessing it with the iPad, which is connected to the […]

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New ownCloud Use Case Blog Series “ownClouders Anonymous”

You can call it a feature, you can call it a use case, or you can just stretch your idea of ownCloud as “just” an EFSS solution.  When we talk about extensibility, we mean that people are using ownCloud to bridge silos, add structure to unstructured data, provide access to data-backups, meeting […]