CIO Agenda – Digitalization vs. Data Silos: Consolidate Unstructured Data Now!

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 8. August 2017

The IT landscape in many enterprises today consists of a variety of storage types and locations that have grown consistently over the years. Critical company data is scattered across servers, datacenters, devices or even cloud storages. These so-called data silos pose a not to be underestimated threat for enterprises since IT has more often than not lost control and overview over these widespread data storage points.

One of the key challenges for CIOs today is providing employees with a holistic sharing and collaboration platform that allows the usage of multiple storage options and devices, all managed centrally and under the full control of the IT department and in compliance with security rules. Uncontrolled data silos can be broken by offering a single point of access to files across the enterprise.

Register here for our second webinar of the CIO Agenda webinar series:
Digitalization vs. Data Silos: Consolidate unstructured data now!

Our second episode of the CIO Agenda webinar series will cover exactly this topic. In just 10 minutes we will provide facts and features on Data Infrastructure Modernization and showcase best practices for an easy consolidation of existing tools and your corporate infrastructure through a common file access layer. We will also shed light on the question how users can access company files from everywhere while IT still able to manage and audit the file sharing activity and ensure security and compliance.

An overview of the full CIO Agenda webinar series can be found here.

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