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CIO Agenda – Step out of the Shadows: How to provide a user accepted EFSS solution under your control

Posted by ownCloud GmbH – 17. August 2017

The introduction of consumer cloud services has marked a notably dramatic change in working and sharing habits, as well as increased flexibility and productivity. All of a sudden, users were able to sync, share and access all of their files from everywhere across devices. Collaboration became easier than ever and the great flexibility fitted perfectly to our increasingly mobile lifestyle. Once introduced to the possibilities of cloud computing there was no going back – and of course this style of working became hugely popular in businesses. There was only one problem – it was not safe and Enterprise-IT around the globe was reacting too slowly to the changing demands of the workforce.

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What is Shadow IT?

The term Shadow IT describes the usage of consumer grade tools in enterprise environments that are neither controlled nor managed by the IT department. Beyond the sophisticated, compliant and auditable IT landscape in businesses now exists another IT landscape that is completely off limits –Shadow IT.

Business data is being stored on random USB sticks, secret company files are being shared through public clouds, valuable company assets are being accessed from unauthorized devices – and the IT department has no knowledge or control over it whatsoever. It may seem like a minor mistake, but since the NSA scandal was revealed, businesses across the globe have started to understand the full scope and consequences of Shadow IT and electronic espionage. Companies that are in especially highly regulated industries, as well as companies from countries with strict privacy laws need to implement secure, but user-friendly, solutions to fulfill their employees needs while still remaining compliant with laws and regulations such as HIPAA, Basel II or GAAP.

How to get rid of Shadow IT?

In the third episode of our CIO Agenda webinar series, we will explain exactly how to be rid of Shadow IT in your company. In just ten minutes we will provide an overview of how to provide a user an accepted Enterprise File Sync and Share solution under the control of your IT department.

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