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Cloud Computing Insider-Award 
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ownCloud is the defending champion at the
Cloud Computing Insider Award 2020
in the category
File Sharing & Collaboration

Cloud computing insider award

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File sharing & Collaboration Tool

Four-time winner, ownCloud has been nominated for the CloudComputing Insider Award in the category of: File Sharing & Collaboration

Over the last four years, (with restructured categories) readers of the renowned German “Insider Medien” have voted ownCloud the number one Enterprise Filesharing tool four times in a row. This year we would like to continue this tradition, this time in the new category “Filesharing & Collaboration”.

Cloud computing insider award Nominiert 2020

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The voting form is only available in German. But that shouldn’t stop you. If you are an English speaker, you can follow these step by step instructions to vote for ownCloud:

Step-by-step instructions to vote for ownCloud

  1. Open the form and scroll down to the category “File Sharing & Collaboration” and click on the ownCloud logo. (The order of the logos is mixed up every time you visit the page, so don’t be confused.)


2. Scroll down to the category “c” Filesharing & Collaboration (or vote also in other categories if you like to)

3. At the end of the form click on “Weiter” which stands for continue.

4. Then fill out how you are addressed as. “Frau” stands for “Miss” and “Herr” stands for “Mister”.

5. Fill out your first name in the box named “Vorname”.

6. Fill out your last name in the box called “Nachname”

7. Fill out your email address in the box marked “E-Mail”.

8. Accept the terms and conditions page which states that you are taking part in a free contest. You can do this by clicking on “A” “Ich akzeptiere”.

9. In the next step click on “Nein” they ask you if you want to receive the newsletter to decline to subscribe to it. Don’t get us wrong: Their newsletter actually is worth reading. But it won’t be of much use for you if you don’t understand German.

10. Scroll down to the bottom of the page and click the “Senden” button to submit your voting.

And then you’re done!

Thank you for your time and support.