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27. July 2020

This is how we would shape Gaia-X.

The planned European Cloud stack Gaia-X inspires dreams of digital sovereignty. Christian Schmitz, our Chief Strategy and Innovation Officer, contributes a few policy ideas.

17. July 2020

Microsoft, will you provide solutions that comply with European law?

ownCloud COO Holger Dyroff answers the blog post by Microsoft's Julie Brill, trying to assure customers about cross-border data flows after last week's ruling of the European Court of Justice.

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16. July 2020

Privacy Shield: ownCloud welcomes ECJ ruling

Bye, Privacy Shield: The ECJ today declared the data transfer agreement between the EU and the USA invalid. This means that organizations are no longer allowed to store the personal data of EU citizens with US cloud providers.

23. June 2020

How Germany can steer digitalization in the right direction

The corona crisis has provided a real boost to digitalization. This momentum must be carried along when Germany takes over the EU Council Presidency in July – and steer it in the right direction.

25. May 2020

Happy 2nd Birthday, GDPR! Now, reduce legal uncertainty.

On may 25th, the GDPR is in effect for exactly 2 years. Yet there still is no clear guidance from data protection commissioners on which platforms, products and services can be safely used or not, says Tobias Gerlinger, CEO of ownCloud.

26. March 2020

Corona makes it all too clear: we urgently need a European data infrastructure

The mass work from home exacerbates a problem that we have been struggling with in Germany and Europe for some time.

12. March 2020

Secure and privacy-compliant work from home office

“Hands off public cloud services” Italy is already under lockdown, while Germany is threatened with similarly drastic measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus. At the beginning of the week, the European Central Bank (ECB) already sent part of its staff to the home office for a day. […]

13. December 2018

Digital Sovereignty: Can Open Software Be The Solution To Europe’s Data Governance Challenge?

Data, processes and entire infrastructures are increasingly migrating to the cloud – and thus often to the USA or China. Does this endanger the right of European and German businesses, societies and governments to maintain digital autonomy? The German “Plattform Innovative […]

21. November 2018

Closed Source, Closed Information: How the Microsoft Business Model Undermines GDPR

It’s happened, and it can happen again at any time: According to a report by the Dutch government, Microsoft is the first major IT corporation to violate EU data protection regulations. According to the report, the company stored private data of Office users on a large scale – even on US […]

7. September 2018

Back to Insecurity: What the End of the “Deutschland Cloud” Means for German Companies

The "Deutschland-Cloud" has never been a truly satisfying alternative for German companies because it played security and productivity off against each other.

1. March 2018

Microsoft in front of the US Supreme Court:
Why you shouldn’t make compromises when it comes to data souverainity

The US juridiction is negotiating if national cloud providers with customers in Europe must give stored data to the government in case of an investigation. A verdict is expected in June, with far-reaching consequences for European data protection. Users should therefore rely early on solutions where […]