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The most important differences between Citrix and ownCloud

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Citrix is a virtual file platform headquartered in the US. Read a full Citrix comparison with ownCloud and learn how ownCloud enables you to securely share files and folders within your organization without compromising security and compliance.

ownCloud secure cloud solution for enterprise file sharing



AGPLv3, commercial license

Commercial license


On-premises, Hybrid, Cloud

On-premises, Cloud

Support reaction time 

2h for any case

Based on severity

Custom theming


Desktop App 

Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Web App


Mobile Apps

iOS, Android 

iOS, Android 

Maximum file size 


100 GB

Virtual File System 


Collaborative editing in real-time 


Email integration 


Depending on file size

Guest accounts


Sharing policies for groups


Activities & comments


2-factor authentication


Multi-factor authentication 


Storage encryption


External storage integration


Command-line interface


FTP-Server integration

Secure View

Auditing & logging


To the best of our knowledge, we compiled this list in September 2020. Should we have overlooked or forgotten anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

The best choice for enterprise file sync and share: ownCloud

A global community that values data sovereignty

More than 200 million people around the world use the open-source file platform ownCloud, and it has been installed more than 200,000 times. On GitHub, over 7,200 people have starred the project, the ownCloud core alone has nearly 500 active contributors. Citrix is closed-source, which means its code is not avalable for public scrutiny. That is also a data privacy and compliance issue, since data could be transferred outside an organizations’ jurisdiction – for which there is no legal basis for example in the EU.

File sharing that integrates into the tools you already use

ownCloud takes a best-of-breed approach to improving team productivity and collaboration. ownCloud is integrated with many other open-source solutions, allowing enterprises to seamlessly embed file sharing into their existing cloud stack. Our in-house consulting team is happy to create customized integrations. With Citrix, you are stuck with a off-the-shelf extensions.

+10 years experience in enterprise file sync & share

The open-source project ownCloud was launched in 2010 and the company ownCloud was founded in 2011. Since then a team of now more than 75 employees offer individual solutions, service with a personal touch, committed support and a heavy emphasis on quality assurance and testing.

Content collaboration that scales with ease

ownCloud is made for teams of any size: From a home installation on the Raspberry Pi to the largest ownCloud Enterprise instance with 200,000 users. All of them benefit from ownCloud’s infinite scalability, for example its infinite filesize and its handling of unlimited amounts of data – the renowned CERN particle physics reserach institution uses ownCloud. With Citrix, the file size is limited – as are other aspects. 

Users love ownCloud

ownCloud has an average rating of 4.2 on Capterra


ownCloud has an average rating of 4.1 on G2


ownCloud has an average rating of 4.5 on Gartner Peer Insights


Trusted by 200 million users worldwide

ownCloud customer CERN
ownCloud customer ETH Zürich
ownCloud customer Daimler
ownCloud customer European Commission
ownCloud customer DB Mobility Networks Logistics
ownCloud customer Fujitsu

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OwnCloud is very easy to use, very simple file system with simple interface and its design of file manager is also very good. It has good filtering options and comes with good admin controls. It follows strict security mechanisms/practices, as the web attacks are increasing gradually.

Software Developer, Manufacturing Industry

Gartner Peer Insights, February 2020