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The most important differences between Google Drive and ownCloud

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Google Drive undoubtedly is a fast and convenient file platform. But using it compromises data security and data sovereignty. That is because Google is a giant advertising agency that analyzes its user data mercilessly, even that of paying customers. Also, Google is a US company, all data stored there – even in overseas datacenters – is subject to the US cloud act and so to access by US government agencies. Every organization should take a hard look on their and their users’ data before storing it in public US clouds.

ownCloud secure cloud solution for enterprise file sharing

Google Drive 


AGPLv3, commercial license

Commercial license


On-premises, Hybrid, Cloud

Cloud only 

Support reaction time 

2h for any case

15 min Premium Support


Your datacenter or hosted in Germany

Google datacenter without further choice or access

Custom theming


Desktop App 

Windows, Mac OS, Linux

Windows, Mac OS

Web App


Mobile Apps

iOS, Android 

iOS, Android 


Unlimited for on-premises

Depending on Plan 

Maximum file size



Virtual File System 


Collaborative editing in real-time 


Email integration 


Guest accounts


Sharing policies for groups


Activities & comments


2-factor authentication


Storage encryption


External storage integration


Command-line interface

No native integartion

FTP-Server integration

Secure View

Auditing & logging


To the best of our knowledge, we compiled this list in September 2020. Should we have overlooked or forgotten anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

The best choice for enterprise file sync and share: ownCloud

A large global community ecosystem for sovereign storage

There are people that don’t want to lose control over their data, who don’t want their information harvested in exchange for getting free digital stuff. To those, the massive community of ownCloud developers, hosters, deployers and users offers years of experience for free in community forums and on GitHub. The community edition is and remains free, while there is also an Enterprise Edition for those that need enterprise-grade extra features and staff support.

Bundling a solution that fits your needs

ownCloud prides itself in being adaptaible and extendible, while Google Drive has no personalized offers and no individual solutions beyond a bunch of readymade integrations into common consumer software. In comparison, ownCloud delivers branded interfaces, state-of-the-art storage integrations and highly secure file storage solutions and so much more.

Specialist firm with +10 years in enterprise file sync & share

When using Google Drive, you are a customer of a huge faceless company, and in the best case you get an email from a support contractor. When using ownCloud, you are working with a firm with around 75 employees and clear names for each role. We take pride in our great support team!

Content collaboration that outscales the cloud behemoth

With ownCloud, the only file size limit is that of your filesystem. Actually, it is 8 Exabyte, which is an 8 with 18 Zeros. That’s why the reserachers all over the world, like the scientists at CERN, choose ownCloud to store their data. On Google Drive in comparison, the maximum file size is 5 TB.

Users love ownCloud

ownCloud has an average rating of 4.2 on Capterra


ownCloud has an average rating of 4.1 on G2


ownCloud has an average rating of 4.5 on Gartner Peer Insights


Trusted by 100 million users worldwide

ownCloud customer CERN
ownCloud customer ETH Zürich
ownCloud customer Daimler
ownCloud customer European Commission
ownCloud customer DB Mobility Networks Logistics
ownCloud customer Fujitsu

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OwnCloud is very easy to use, very simple file system with simple interface and its design of file manager is also very good. It has good filtering options and comes with good admin controls. It follows strict security mechanisms/practices, as the web attacks are increasing gradually.

Software Developer, Manufacturing Industry

Gartner Peer Insights, February 2020