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Since forking the ownCloud core in 2016, Nextcloud added a considerable number of features ranging from videochat to weather app to its rebranded software. Meanwhile, ownCloud focuses on its core competence of enterprise-grade file collaboration, which it continues to harden and evolve. To address customer needs for workspace collaboration, ownCloud integrates with best-of-breed solutions through open-standard interfaces, instead of trying to reinvent the wheel. Read a full Nextcloud comparison with ownCloud below – and learn how ownCloud provides an enterprise-ready file sharing solution that focuses on strong security and assuring software quality. That sadly means we have no time for a weather app.

ownCloud secure cloud solution for enterprise file sharing


Open Source
AGPLv3, commercial license

Product ownership


On-premises, Hybrid, Cloud

On-premises, Hybrid, Cloud

SaaS offering

third party

Support reaction time

2h (ownCloud Standard Edition)

2 Days (Nextcloud Enterprise Standard)

Support channels included with Enterprise Subscription

Customer Portal, phone & email

Customer Portal & email

Partner Program

Formal certification program for partners and integrators with SLAs

Professional Services (install, adapt, train)

Hands-on deployment, integration and management services. Regular scheduled Admin Trainings, also available for Community admins.

Optional access to training, workshops and feature development for Enterprise customers

Quality Assurance

dedicated QA team

embedded with engineering

freely available

Enterprise Documentation accessible for subscribers only

Desktop-, Web- & Mobile-Apps
Windows Desktop Client GPO Installer for large-scale deployments
available for any deployment, including Community Edition
only available for Enterprise Premium customers
MDM-app for large-scale iOS deployments
available for any deployment, including Community Edition

only available for Enterprise Premium customers

Client authorization through open standards (OAuth2, OpenID Connect)
Client is directly authenticated against the Identity Provider
only via the server
Guest accounts
2-factor authentication
Multi-factor authentication
Custom theming
Collaborative editing with
ONLYOFFICE, Collabora Online and Microsoft Office Online Server
Auditing & logging
Storage encryption with HSM support
included in ownCloud Enterprise
available upon request
File integrity checking

ICAP integration

FTP-Server integration
Storage certification
Scality & SUSE
Virtual data room with watermarks (Secure View)

Part of our Collabora Integration. Documents are streamed as a watermarked image tiles

Front-end adjustments meant to prevent downloads

Sync file metadata only, saving storage and bandwidth (Virtual File System)
File Lifecycle Management
Retention and Deletion with a dedicated archive infrastructure and scheduling
Retention and Deletion by workflow
Document classification
Weather App
We compiled this comparison list to the best of our knowledge in September 2020. Should we have overlooked or forgotten anything, do not hesitate to contact us.

3 reasons to choose ownCloud over Nextcloud


We are open source and join forces with community contributors. However, the ownCloud core is written by professional software developers. All code has to meet our strict quality assurance criteria. Hence we are able to continuously deliver a highly reliable product for our customers.

Enterprise-grade architecture

ownCloud is an enterprise-ready solution that fulfills the requirements of industries in which not only productivity, but security, scale and compliance with regulation like the GDPR are key. ownCloud is infinitely scalable, integratable, customizable and brandable.

Best of breed

We believe our customers should be able to choose from the best solutions available in any field. For this reason, we partner with open-source industry leaders to deliver integrations – instead of constantly reinventing the wheel to hastily deliver yet another feature.

Ready to switch?

Tired of half-baked features, long support response time and a do-it-yourself attitude? We offer a seamless free-of-charge migration from Nextcloud to ownCloud Enterprise. Benefit from enterprise-grade stability, security and deployment options.


Nextcloud is the new version of ownCloud

This is plainly wrong. Nextcloud is a fork of the 2016 code base. Since then, the two products developed in different directions. Whereas Nextcloud focuses predominantly on adding extra features at a considerable pace, ownCloud focuses on delivering an enterprise-grade file collaboration platform that supports well-defined open standards to integrate with best-of-breed applications. This way, customers get the sovereign workspace fit for their requirements instead of a byzantine structure that tries to have it all.

Nextcloud has more features

Nextcloud regularly releases new features and seems to aim at doing everything at once. This may be of value to some users and community enthusiasts, but we think it is more sustainable in an enterprise environment to do only a few things, but do them well: Security, stability and continuity are close to our hearts.

ownCloud does not have any developers, they all moved to Nextcloud

Wrong. After Frank Karlitschek’s fork-up, barely a dozen of his closest associates left, while most software developers stayed with ownCloud, especially all teamleads and the technical management. Since then, ownCloud has grown nicely to 75 employees. In support, development and the professional services team alone, ownCloud has 50 full-time staff.

Nextcloud has the bigger community

Community considerations seem to determine Nextcloud’s roadmap. Corporate Nextcloud customers seem to have little influence on the product roadmap, because Nextcloud relies on the community for contributions.

Why should one use ownCloud when there is Nextcloud?

ownCloud is the open-source file sharing solution for businesses and institutions. Reap the benefits of reliability, high software quality and a compelling enterprise feature set. Also, ownCloud offers the complete deployment package including managed hosting on-premises.

Users love ownCloud

ownCloud has an average rating of 4.2 on Capterra


ownCloud has an average rating of 4.1 on G2


ownCloud has an average rating of 4.5 on Gartner Peer Insights


The best choice for enterprise file sync and share: ownCloud

A global community of contributors AND of corporate customers

ownCloud is the original enterprise file sync and share with a focus on quality assurance and a comprehensive security architecture. Being open source, it has strong advantages on the established closed-source providers – security-focused customers can audit our code. The flexibility of deployment – on-premises, in the cloud, as hybrid or as SaaS – makes ownCloud the trusted choice for the productive storage and sharing of sensitive data.

File platform that integrates with your tools of choice

ownCloud takes a best-of-breed approach to improving team productivity and collaboration. Rather than building half-baked functional replica of existing software, ownCloud integrates with major open-source solutions, so employees can seamlessly work in a sovereign workspace made up of robust solutions. In ownCloud, there is no buggy code written in college basement apartments – just well-documented open standards and APIs to integrate with the likes of ONLYOFFICE, Collabora Online or Microsoft Office Online Server, various groupware options and CRM, just to name a few.

+10 years experience in enterprise file sync & share

ownCloud was launched in 2010 as an open-source project and in 2011 as a company. Now, 75 team member are committed to provide support, deployment and customer-centric feature development for the secure and productive storing, syncing and sharing of files to our customers. With ownCloud you get continuity, reliability and +10 years experience in enterprise file sync and share.

Content collaboration that scales with ease

ownCloud is made for teams of any size: From a home installation on the Raspberry Pi to the largest ownCloud Enterprise instance with 200,000 users. ownCloud offers infinite scalability, unlimited file sizes and unlimited amount of data – making it the file platform of choice for CERN, the renowned European particle physics research institution.
ownCloud customer CERN
ownCloud customer ETH Zürich
ownCloud customer Daimler
ownCloud customer European Commission
ownCloud customer DB Mobility Networks Logistics
ownCloud customer Fujitsu

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Experience ownCloud in action and ask our experienced presales team for your proof of concept.

OwnCloud is very easy to use, very simple file system with simple interface and its design of file manager is also very good. It has good filtering options and comes with good admin controls. It follows strict security mechanisms/practices, as the web attacks are increasing gradually.


Software Developer, Manufacturing Industry

Gartner Peer Insights, February 2020