Help ownCloud being translated to more than 100 languages!

Everyone should be able to use ownCloud. That’s why we are translating ownCloud into as many languages as possible. Do you want to join our effort?

ownCloud uses Transifex to ease the translation to many languages. Transifex offers free service for open source projects. Create an account on Transifex, then apply to join the ownCloud organization.

Once you have joined the organization, apply to join one of the over 138 target languages available. In the unlikely event of your language missing: Feel free to request it!

Best way is to start translating some strings. Get an overview of what and how things have already been translated. There are a bunch of features and functionalities in Transifex. Usually basic functionalities will be enough to get you to translate quickly.

Reviews also help make the translations better, double checking is important to keep a coherent language style throughout the project. If you want to become a reviewer, ask at the #translations channel on talk.owncloud.com.

How to Discuss at Transifex?

You can discuss for each string. Whoever reads it can respond. There is no way to subscribe to any discussion as long as somebody doesn’t mark the discussion as an issue.

For language teams there is a chance to discuss as well. It is not easy to find through the web UI and not many people respond due to the missing notifications.

You can send private message to other members. Inbox and outbox are separate and there is no option to see threaded messages. You cannot invite a third person to private discussions.

The best place for Discussing is probably our forum on central.owncloud.org.

Different Roles at Transifex?

To understand roles and their respective permissions see this guide.

There are maintainers, language coordinators, reviewers and most importantly: translators. You are the engine of this vehicle.

Information for Translators

Basic Knowledge to Start

You have joined a language team. Do not hesitate to contact people in it.

Newbie information: Whenever translating parts of a single resource please do not just translate a single string without looking at already translated strings. Most resources have a common wording and you should follow it. If you have a different position you should discuss first before changing strings.

Translate easy ones before trying complex ones.

Please do not use translate.google.com to just enter and copy result to Transifex.

When to Comment a String at Transifex?

If you are struggling to translate a string feel free to add a comment including your question.

You like to discuss your thoughts? No problem, just invite your team members using @username.

When to Create an Issue at Transifex?

Whenever you feel just a comment is not sufficient and you need information to help all other language translators feel free to mark your comment as an issue.

What to Do if I Want to Change a Source String?

Sometimes you encounter a typo or some other spelling error inside a source string. Or you find an error or grammar issue. If so, feel free to file an issue by marking a comment as an issue, or, even better, go to GitHub and provide a PR (Pull request) to correct it.

Most translators are not familiar with coding tools like GitHub nor have any coding background. It is though easy enough to make a GitHub account and navigate to the related repository. From there you can file issues directly where coders see it, get help, and learn to fix things on your own. GitHub has a bigger community since it is more integrated in the workflow.

Happy Translating!

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