Custom Features

ownCloud Enterprise Edition offers many great features, however, some customers require certain capabilities that may not be readily available. For those customers the engineers at ownCloud go out of their way to deliver these capabilities by opening consulting projects. Learn about some of ownCloud’s most successful consulting projects.

Full text search

Developed for two of our current customers, the full text search app gives users the ability to search across all files through an external, elastic search server. The server is deployed separately, yet interfaces with ownCloud to give users an improved search within groups that may have once felt broken or slow in core. This project has given ownCloud the ability to learn how certain customers use the search app, further allowing us to improve internal API’s in the core to integrate with the product.

Guest App

The guest app, developed for two customers, allows users to share files using an email address. Users can merely search the directory by email address and send files both internally and externally. When users send a file externally via email they will receive a notification and a guest account is created where the invisible guest user is stored separately from ownCloud users and jails them into a read only storage. This invisible guest will have access to the desktop client and the mobile apps, which is more than a mere public share recipient is able to do. The admin is also able to allow and restrict access to certain apps so they can control what the guest is able to use.  When the guest logs into their guest account they will see what files have been shared with them, even if it is from more than one person. While at the moment this capability is only available as a consulting project, we are planning to move what we learned into core. We can then do away with different code paths of different shares and can create anonymous guests with less rights.

Tape integration with IBM

When a user has a GPFS system with a tape integration, accessing files on tape will block IO. Unfortunately, if they do have tape blocking access it could take minutes to access a file leading to numerous time outs and ugly error messages. With ownCloud’s tape integration IBM users can read the status of a file and will be notified that they will have to wait until the file is accessible. In the background, it not only reads the technical attributes from file systems but also triggers when files should be sent to tapes and can be configured to set a time limit and when it should be migrated. This project needs to be set up on IBM’s end which is why this capability is only offered on a consulting basis.

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