Custom Features

ownCloud Enterprise Edition offers many great features, however, some customers require certain capabilities that may not be readily available. For those customers the engineers at ownCloud go out of their way to deliver these capabilities by opening consulting projects. Learn about some of ownCloud’s most successful consulting projects.

Full text search

Developed for two of our current customers, the full text search app gives users the ability to search across all files through an external, elastic search server. The server is deployed separately, yet interfaces with ownCloud to give users an improved search within groups that may have once felt broken or slow in core. This project has given ownCloud the ability to learn how certain customers use the search app, further allowing us to improve internal API’s in the core to integrate with the product.

Temporary files folder

A frequently requested feature is automated cleanup of certain storage areas in accordance with specific criteria. To meet these requirements, ownCloud specifically developed a custom application for temporary file folders for a customer. It places a folder for temporary files into the home directory of each user in an instance and therefore gives the user a location to store files on a temporary basis.
Files located in that folder will be deleted automatically after a defined number of days. The number of days of course is configurable. Additionally administrators may request storage usage for those folders and are able to trigger deletion when reaching a certain threshold.

Tape integration with IBM

When a user has a GPFS system with a tape integration, accessing files on tape will block IO. Unfortunately, if they do have tape blocking access it could take minutes to access a file leading to numerous time outs and ugly error messages. With ownCloud’s tape integration IBM users can read the status of a file and will be notified that they will have to wait until the file is accessible. In the background, it not only reads the technical attributes from file systems but also triggers when files should be sent to tapes and can be configured to set a time limit and when it should be migrated. This project needs to be set up on IBM’s end which is why this capability is only offered on a consulting basis.

Automated tagging and restrictions for Office documents

Having the ability to automatically recognize Microsoft Office documents and trigger certain workflows thereby is needed by many organizations that use ownCloud.
Therefore we developed an app that enables automated assignment of system tags to uploaded Microsoft Office documents (docx, dotx, xlsx, xltx, pptx, ppsx and potx) in order to impose restrictions based on those tags. Restrictions allow to prevent uploading, sharing via public link or to limit link sharing to expire after a maximum of n days. With this we provide another tool that improves compliance with organizational rules by preventing accidental or unauthorized use of Office documents (e.g. sharing a highly confidential document with somebody who is not entitled to read it).

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