Sciebo Scales Enterprise File Sync and Share for 500K Users; A Proven Solution from ownCloud and IBM Spectrum Storage

Posted by – 28. July 2015

Today's organizations must manage data at scale and accelerate data-driven decision making. The Academic Sync and Share Service in North Rhine-Westphalia has built Sciebo to do just that. The service, based on ownCloud and IBM Spectrum Scale, is designed to serve up enterprise file sync and share (EFSS) to a half-million users distributed across three different sites. Sciebo has successfully demonstrated how to share, access and secure oceans of data in their complex environment without compromising security, performance, and reliability-- while providing file access via phone, tablet, laptop, or other device. Learn how Sciebo (and its collective 22 organizations) has built on the ownCloud and IBM partnership to create a high performance, scalable and customizable enterprise-grade file sync and share solution. Whether you use EFSS technology today and suffer from poor performance, or want to implement a secure solution that meets your requirements, join us to understand the considerations necessary to deploy enterprise file sync and share within your enterprise