Dropbox – AND Box — labelled „security risk“ by enterprise companies

Veröffentlicht von – 1. Juli 2014

So I was a little bemused, by this headline (we added the Box) coming out of the UK last week, I mean, I thought that was already an accepted fact. But I guess it is good to have just one more data point:

“According to a survey by Harris Interactive, which contacted 308 IT decision makers, 190 of which were vice-president or higher in level, 46 per cent believe that Dropbox and Box are direct threats to their company’s security.”

I guess the Box part surprised us a bit – not the threat part, mind you, but the fact that it’s recognized as a threat. But only 31 per cent of respondents to the survey indicated that they trusted using Dropbox and Box for sharing personal information while another 38 per cent said they trusted the software outside of a company firewall. A massive 86 per cent of those surveyed agreed the adoption of free file storage services was creating a security problem in their businesses.

“Most companies, especially those in regulated industries, need to increase their visibility and control over file sharing policies, practices and technologies, while finding a way to maintain employee productivity and satisfaction.”

Organizations are fast beginning to realize there is no such thing as security, privacy – and least of all – control in the public cloud. It’s time to take the nightmare out of the cloud, use cloud technologies, integrated with technology and storage you already have and keep control of your data.

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