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10.7 brings integration groundwork and interface improvements

ownCloud 10.7 prepares the ownCloud Server for upcoming workstream integrations. It also makes the user interface more straightforward and encryption more efficient.

While packing a lot of server improvements and preparations under the hood for upcoming workstream integrations (stay tuned for exciting news!), the visible changes in ownCloud 10.7 are about the browser interface for users. By not requiring database migrations, the upgrade to 10.7 should be a short one.

Less ambiguity for users

A bunch of changes have a recurring theme: Make user interfaces more unambiguous wherever possible. For example, tagging files and folders is now visually more straightforward. The tags are now shown read-only and the tagging interface has now its own dedicated tab. Also, the right scrollbar is now more clearly visible. And when encountering a failed upload, the error messages are now more specific.

Many users like to share files and folders by entering an email adress in the sharing dialog. To make this more convenient, ownCloud now checks if there are matching users first. Only if there aren’t, ownCloud suggests creating a federated share. Also in the sharing tab, Guest Users are clearly identified as such to avoid mistakes.

When adding external storages, users are now more clearly notified about success or error. Also, some bugs have been fixed regarding the new ownCloud Web frontend that is available as an extension. Among other things, file downloads via public links now work as expected.

„Open with“ choice

Users can now choose from multiple applications that are available to open a file with, e.g. a PDF in the integrated viewer or in other applications like Collabora and OnlyOffice.

Making security more efficient

Storage encryption now uses about 35 % less space thanks to an encoding change. Files previously stored stay encrypted in the old way until they are rewritten which re-encrypts them in the new, more efficient encoding. When using Redis, the connection between Redis and ownCloud can now be secured with TLS.

If you are using or planning to use ownCloud Web with ownCloud Server 10.7, please see the „known issues“ section in the release notes. For a full list of the changes and fixes in ownCloud Server 10.7, please refer to the Release Notes and the Changelog.

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März 30, 2021

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