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Seed round expanded by $2.5 million – led by General Catalyst Partners once again.
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

Some of you may have noticed ( – Funding pours for Boston startup ownCloud – boston deals swoop ownCloud lookout gaming streetwise media ) that we’ve raised some new capital. Today, we officially announced the fact (Press Release) that we’ve expanded our seed round – led by General Catalyst Partners once again – by $2.5 million. Since we launched the company last year we released and significantly enhanced ownCloud, added nearly 70 partners, grew a significant customer base and added more than 400,000 users (now at 650,000!).

The added funds will help us further expand our already strong channel, aggressively build our large-enterprise and education customer base and support service providers who implement file sync and share based on ownCloud.

We are also very pleased that General Catalyst Managing Director Larry Bohn will join our board of directors (more announcements there in the coming weeks). Said Larry:

“We’ve been excited about ownCloud since its infancy, and after watching everything they’ve accomplished in a very short time, it validated our belief that they’d developed an exceptional team with an exceptional product. There’s no one in this increasingly crowded market that can do the things ownCloud does – integrate closely with existing IT, innovate at lightning speed and offer choice of storage locations. With those capabilities already in place, differentiating it from the competition, we’re confident that ownCloud will succeed.”

How cool is that?

Watch this space as we continue to grow!

ownCloud GmbH

November 26, 2012

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