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Coming Soon: ownCloud Infinite Scale 3.0

Accessibility (WCAG 2.1) and compliance, notable enhancements to the Spaces feature, a much faster and more flexible webUI, improved administration and much more: Stay tuned for Infinite Scale 3!
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

In its latest release (due in only a few weeks), ownCloud, the world’s leading enterprise file share and sync solution, aims to elevate digital collaboration to even more impressive heights. Spaces, introduced with Infinite Scale 1.0, are nothing less than a revolutionary way of collaboration in modern companies, institutions and organizations. With Infinite Scale 3, the Spaces feature has been substantially upgraded to further boost collaboration and productivity. Infinite Scale 3 not only improves content collaboration by significantly reducing administrative overhead, but also ensures that roles, access and permissions are enforced. Moreover, Spaces now allows the choice to add Space Templates, allowing for even faster creation of handy resources for collaboration.

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Easier administration, more features, new webUI, new clients

Infinite Scale 3 promises a range of new and useful features. Users are sure to appreciate the significantly improved webUI, which now also offers the option to share links.  The large variety of clients (Windows, Linux, Apple, mobile) benefit from a series of improvements that immediately catch the eye – from auto-configuration with a Desktop Connection Wizard using WebFinger to more previews and direct integration with the web UI, e.g. for office files – not to mention the extensive branding options. Administrators benefit from custom roles, easier sharing, better configurable links, batch and filter modes in user and group administration and the File Firewall.

Infinite Scale webUI

The new and improved WebUI offers the option to share links.

Compliance I: File Firewall and Policy Service, full text search

With the policy service „File Firewall“, ownCloud Infinite Scale administrators control every incoming file on the server – taking preemptive measures to eliminate any potential harm to the environment, but without blocking clients or the need for a quarantine folder. Infinite Scale’s Policy Service and Antivirus Service can run actions like virus scans or signature checks and enforce actions based on conditions met within files, the Indexing Service provides fast index-based full-text search.

Compliance II: The world’s first fully WCAG 2.1 compliant Content Collaboration Suite

Apart from that, ownCloud Infinite Scale 3.0 will be accessible and compliant with the WCAG Standard 2.1 – the first open source content collaboration software to achieve this. What’s more, Infinite Scale meets the highest standards in terms of security, safety, scalability and compliance. And while itself is open source, Infinite Scale integrates with four standard document tools for office collaboration (Collabora, OnlyOffice, Office 365, Microsoft Office Online Server – on premise) and many other tools that have become standard in modern companies.

Compliance III: GDPR export

GDPR compliance has never been so easy: With a single mouse click, users can now export all their personal data that the ownCloud instance is using and that are applicable to Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) regulations – without any intervention by the admin. The data includes all information about where which data is stored, exported to a json-File, making it easy to carry out further automatic processing.


Export all your personal data and ensure GDPR-compliance with a single mouse click.

Faster, Easier, Compliant, Secure and Scalable with Go

ownCloud Infinite Scale 3.0 packs a range of features that increase flexibility and ease-of-use even more, at the same time making administration more secure, efficient and scalable. With a core written in Go, based on micro services and cloud-native architecture, ownCloud Infinite Scale is by far the most modern, fastest and innovative File Share and Sync solution availableThe open-source enterprise product has a strong focus on digital sovereignty, stability, compliance, accessibility and support for both industry standards and standard-enterprise programs in your company, corporation or organisation.

Petabytes of data, billions of files, only a single mouse click away

Customers have been successfully deploying Infinite Scale in large-scale setups, with hundreds of thousands of file actions per second, involving petabytes of data and billions of files. In its history of more than 10 years, ownCloud has always proven its expertise in enterprise content collaboration – reliable, stable and with no limits to scalabilty.

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Markus Feilner

Juni 5, 2023

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