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Safeguard Memories with ownCloud’s Secure Filesharing and Storage Solution

Safeguard your precious memories with stringent data privacy policies of ownCloud. Maintain complete control over your digital assets while sharing cherished photos with loved ones worry-free.

In many parts of the world, the sun is out in all its glory, inviting people to embark on wonderful adventures and explore serene destinations. Whether you are enjoying breathtaking sunsets or pristine beaches, chilling on a ‘staycation’ or hiking across picture-perfect landscapes, one factor is common: capturing on camera beautiful moments with your loved ones.

The technology behind smartphones and digital cameras is continuously advancing, and with that, digital photography has achieved unprecedented popularity. In these circumstances, it is more important than ever before to ensure data privacy, protection and security. This is where ownCloud has your back.

It is common practice for people to store their photos on public clouds for ease and convenience. However, not everyone is aware that this way, they are compromising on data privacy and data sovereignty to an alarming degree.

Let’s explore a safer, more secure alternative—ownCloud—and discuss how it ensures a high level of security and data privacy for your holiday pictures, giving you 100% control over your memories, and consequently, peace of mind.

Data Security: A Top Priority for Personal Photos

When it comes to preserving personal photos, data security should be our utmost priority. Public clouds, although widely popular, often fall short in this respect. By using the services of public cloud providers, you are essentially leaving your photos in someone’s else’s computer, making them vulnerable to data breaches, hacking attempts, and unauthorized access.

With ownCloud, you enjoy full control of your photos, and consequently ensure data security, by hosting your own private cloud. This means that your holiday pictures stay on servers you manage, fortified by robust encryption and security protocols.

Data Privacy: Your Photos Should Be For Your Eyes Only

Preserving the data privacy of your holiday pictures is immensely important. Public clouds have often been under fire to make way for unauthorized access, data breaches and data mining for commercial purposes.

In comparison, when your pictures are stored in ownCloud, you eliminate the risk of third-party access. Your photos remains private and inaccessible to anyone without explicit authorization. ownCloud grants you complete control over your personal photos, ensuring that they stay between you and your loved ones.

maintain data privacy of your personal photos

Store and share your holiday photos securely and with ease with ownCloud

Data Sovereignty: Maintaining Control over Your Memories

When you use public clouds to store your holiday pictures, you are essentially agreeing to data privacy laws of the particular jurisdiction the server is subjected to. This means that your pictures could be subject to government surveillance without your knowledge.

By storing your holiday pictures in ownCloud, you retain full data sovereignty and 100% control over your data.

Data Backup: Safeguarding Against Data Loss

Personal photos are not merely snapshots; they are memories of unforgettable moments. Losing precious photos due to data loss is heart-wrenching, so you must ensure that your pictures are securely backed up. It’s true that public clouds offer backup services, but as mentioned before, they often lack the data privacy and control measures you need for your private photos.

ownCloud offers you complete control over the backup strategy for your photos. You can set up automated backups to external storage devices, additional servers, or even other ownCloud instances. This  ensures that your photos remain secure and accessible, even in instances of hardware failures or accidents.

Easy Organization and Secure Sharing of Your Photos

Sharing photos with friends and family is an exciting experience, but it is dangerous to downplay the security risks associated with sharing photos on public clouds.

ownCloud guarantees bulletproof data privacy when you share your photos with your friends and family. You can create password-protected links, set expiration dates, and specify access permissions for each recipient. This way, you can share your photos with the assurance that only the intended recipients can access your pictures, no one else.

Spaces, the flagship feature of ownCloud Infinite Scale, makes it a breeze for you to organize your photos. You can sort your photos in clearly marked folders and subfolders, use tags to easily find what you are looking for, and set permissions to determine who can view your photos. Not only that, by taking advantage of the handy File Drop feature, you can allow your loved ones to contribute to your photo folders without worrying about size limits, for example, your travel companions can now contribute to your holiday photos folders. These folders can be shared with guest users by the use of public links, adding up to no less than a game changer when it comes to sharing your memories, while at the same time, maintaining high-end data privacy.

Ensure data privacy with file drop feature

The File Drop Folder feature allows a user to share unlimited files in a folder, without being able to view the remaining contents of the folder.

When organizing, storing and sharing your photos, data security, privacy and control are paramount. When you choose public clouds, you end up compromising on these vital factors, often unknowingly. ownCloud offers you all the convenience of public clouds, but with robust data security measures, full control and data sovereignty.

So, this holiday season, give your photos the security that they need and deserve by storing them at ownCloud. You can rest assured knowing that at ownCloud, data privacy and security is our top priority.

If you are interested in knowing more about how ownCloud can ensure data privacy and sovereignty for your personal or professional data, please feel free to get in touch.

Anwesha Ray

August 7, 2023

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