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Expert Talk: Handling ownCloud Spaces

Spaces, an elementary feature of Infinite Scale, has the potential to significantly boost collaboration and increase productivity across enterprises, while improving compliance, control and security.
Spaces feature


Tune in to this Expert Talk to learn how Spaces constitutes no less than a quantum leap for enterprise collaboration, and how you can deploy Spaces in your enterprise to revolutionize your digital workplace for remote teams.

Benefits of Spaces as virtual workspace:

With this new feature, it is possible for each project team or even each project and sub-project to create its own “Space” and collaborate synchronously.

Users can create Spaces themselves without having to raise a support ticket. This not only reduces the administrative workload, but also ensures better acceptance of digital collaboration among employees. Moreover, the Space itself obtains data ownership of all documents made available there.

Moreover, Spaces simplifies data store, prevents data loss/breach, provides a superior level of data protection and ensures compliance.

Spaces for digital collaboration

In this Expert Talk, you also learn how Spaces protects your digital sovereignty by allowing you full control over your sensitive and critical data, ensures compliance even with the most stringent policies and eliminates the need for new software or add-ons.

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Anwesha Ray

März 28, 2023

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