How did you ownCloud?

As promised – here are some of the ways YOU told us you are using ownCloud
ownCloud secure cloud solution for filesharing

As promised – here are some of the ways YOU told us you are using ownCloud.

Jody H.– US
I use ownCloud as a replacement for iCloud, Dropbox and Google drive, and working on replacing Evernote as well. You see I am an IBM CATE and work with a lot of really cool technology and that has made me aware of the vulnerability of my data. Although I enjoy how the advances of technology’s in cloud-based computing I am also concerned with the security of my data. Hence ownCloud is the perfect solution for me. I use ownCloud to upload and download data, from my laptop, smartphone and iPad. I use it for personal data, pictures, music, office and pdf documents, and also for basic file transfers just to get software packages or data files from my laptop to remote computers I may be working with. So much easier than hosting and maintaining an FTP site.

Ingolf S. – Germany
We use ownCloud for getting family pictures to the other family members. On the server we set up a Family Picture Account, so that every family member can upload and download pictures. With the use of the Desktop Clients even non-technical grandparents can get to their grandson pictures very easily.

Anthony C.– US
I use ownCloud to keep my laptop and desktop in sync, and to give me access to all my files from any computer through the web. I collect data (I’m a chemist) on a number of instruments and I use owncloud client to keep all my data directories synced with my work computer, and to keep a central backup of all my data.

Sergio O. – Spain
I use ownCloud every day and I don’t even realize it. Syncing is seamless, transparent.

Jeffrey T. – Netherlands
I use ownCloud for syncing as well as ”backup” jobs.

– As all directories on my laptop are synced with my NAS, I can always access my files anywhere there is an internet connection available. If I sleep over at my parents in the weekend (which I sometimes do due to distance) and I get a brilliant idea for a website I am developing, I can just login on my parents computer, have all my files synced with the client, add what I want and presto. When I get home, start my computer, ownCloud syncs all the changes I made at my parents.

– If my laptop gets stolen I will still have all my files as they were on the laptop. Even if my own NAS gets stolen since I use remote replication. And yes I know you can discuss whether syncing is a backup or not and many die-hards might say it is not. To me it is since it has file versioning and I have a reserve copy – fully automated!

Thanks again to every participant of the ownCloud User Experience Contest, your feedback is amazing !
The lottery has decided and our lucky winners are here – Congratulations!

Personal User

  1. Igor F., Switzerland – Google Nexus 7
  2. Jeffrey T., Netherlands – Western Digital Elements 2TB
  3. Sergio O., Spain – Raspberry Pi

Business User

  1. BornData, Denmark (via Søren R.) – ownCloud Business Edition – free 12 months subscription
  2. Leakfree, Netherlands (via Tim S.) – ownCloud Business Edition – free 6 months subscription
  3. Oberlehner Private Trust, Austria (via Manuel R.) – ownCloud Business Edition – free 3 months subscription

Even though the contest is over – tell us how YOU ownCloud.

ownCloud GmbH

November 23, 2012

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