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How the iOS EMM App and Mobile Device Management make onboarding easy

With the ownCloud iOS EMM App, Community Edition users now can use the borderline magic powers of Mobile Device Management too. We explain how it works with a simple yet useful example.
How to configure Mobile Device Management for the ownCloud EMM iOS App

For organizations with a lot of users, it makes sense to pre-configure the ownCloud iOS App using Mobile Device Management (MDM) suites. Already available for ownCloud Enterprise customers, those MDM settings and features now become available for organizations using the ownCloud Community Edition through the ownCloud iOS EMM App.

Mobile Device Management: An example

With the MDM functionality of the ownCloud iOS EMM App, you can make onboarding new users much easier, for example by preconfiguring the ownCloud URL. This way, users can skip a redundant step and just need to enter their user ID and authenticate to login.

In MobileIron Core, navigate to Policies and Configs > Add New > Apple iOS/tvOS > Managed App Config. Then, upload fixed-server.mobileiron.plist and specify name, bundle ID (EMM: com.owncloud.ios-app.emm, Free: com.owncloud.iosapp), and the description.

In Jamf Pro, navigate to Devices > Mobile Device Apps > ownCloud – File Sync and Share > App Configuration > Edit. Then, paste the content of fixed-server.jamf.plist into the Preferences field.
How to configure Mobile Device Management for the ownCloud EMM iOS App

In Microsoft Intune, please use the Intune Feature „Enter XML Data“ as explained here. For Workspace ONE aka AirWatch, this should work similarly.

Premium features already included in the iOS EMM App

Besides the MDM functionality, the EMM App also contains all the premium features that normally are available as in-App-purchases. The EMM App is available through the Apple Business Volume Purchasing Program (VPP).

Coming soon: AppConfig

While many features in the ownCloud iOS apps can already be configured using the AppConfig specification, this example does not work yet. We are working on simplifying the configuration so as to make this example available with AppConfig, too! Stay tuned.

Michael Stingl

Februar 22, 2021

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