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More speed with Go instead of PHP: ownCloud Infinite Scale is ready for use

Infinite Scale is a complete modernization of ownCloud 10, which has replaced PHP with Go for greater speed and efficiency.
ownCloud Infinite Scale modernized with Go

With a completely new storage backend, ownCloud wants to give its private cloud software a leg up. The target group is clear: ownCloud Infinite Scale is aimed at enterprises.

ownCloud Infinite Scale is now ready to use. The developers have officially released the new technical foundation of the cloud software for use after four years of work. Along with Infinite Scale, comes a whole bunch of releases.

Entirely modernized in Go

First up is the new storage backend, which is completely modernized in Go and relies on microservices. It is based on the Reva framework, being the reference implementation of the CS3 APIs. They are intended to link different storage and application providers. Infinite Scale completely replaces the old PHP-based architecture. The aim of this change is to significantly increase the speed of the cloud software, but also to improve scalability.

In addition, a new web client is now available for users. It is based on Vue.js and is supposed to follow the most modern design and UX principles. An initial test showed that, despite this, users do not have to get completely used to it. The desktop clients and apps for iOS and Android will also receive an update to handle Infinite Scale.

Finally, the developers offer different deployment options, for example, via Docker or packages especially adapted for cloud providers. Administrators can also access the updated documentation.

Designed for corporate use

Already on board in advance were CERN and the CS3 community. They not only tested Infinite Scale, but were also involved in its development.

Find out how Infinite Scale can boost productivity and collaboration at your enterprise at a reduced cost.

Based on media article in Heise on 2 December 2022


Anwesha Ray

Januar 30, 2023

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Go for Enterprise: ownCloud Infinite Scale

Tim Schürmann, a seasoned IT journalist from Germany, specializes in open source and programming languages. Over the last several years, he has authored many articles on Go, including several related to ownCloud. We sought his expert insights on Go in the context of ownCloud Infinite Scale. Here is his op-ed.

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