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ownCloud and VNC announce strategic partnership

Open source software developers VNC and ownCloud have agreed to integrate their digital collaboration and communication platforms, creating a comprehensive software basis for digital sovereigny.
VNC and ownCloud announce new strategic partnership, integrating VNCLagoon and ownCloud

Under the agreement, ownCloud and VNC, headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany and Zug, Switzerland respectively, will coordinate their sales activities towards existing and new customers, from presales to support. The integration of the ownCloud storage platform and the VNClagoon communication platform enables both partners to market scalable end-to-end solutions and services for the enterprise sector.

The partnership provides companies with a comprehensive open-source option made in Europe that combines a fully featured workspace and a high level of data protection. It constitutes a great alternative to the offerings of the major US tech providers, some of which come with blatant security risks and don’t comply with European data protection standards. The open source solutions from ownCloud and VNC work on-premises or in secure European clouds and thereby give organizations complete digital sovereignty.

„With VNC, we have found a partner who takes data security as serious as we do”, emphasizes Tobias Gerlinger, CEO of ownCloud. „The integration with VNC’s solutions matches our best-of-breed strategy. Our combined solution is scalable and comprehensive and allows companies to emancipate themselves from US vendors, to retain complete control over their data.

„VNC and ownCloud are both on a strictly open source path, clearly differentiating their portfolio from proprietary software and public cloud providers that do not comply with European data protection regulations,“ explains VNC Managing Director and Board Member Andrea Wörrlein. „We expect considerable synergy effects from our cooperation. We are well positioned in a dynamic market for communication and collaboration solutions, especially as companies place an increasing emphasis on high data security“.

About VNC

VNClagoon from VNC is an integrated open source product suite for communication and collaboration in companies, including e-mail, messenger, office package, project management, enterprise resource planning, customer relationship management and video conferencing. The software can be licensed for on-premises deployment, but is also available as cloud software through certified European providers.

About ownCloud

ownCloud GmbH develops and provides open-source software for content collaboration, allowing teams to easily share and work on files seamlessly regardless of device or location. ownCloud can be deployed on-premise or in a private cloud. Or it can be obtained as a Service at, hosted single-tenancy in a secure datacenter in Germany. ownCloud is GDPR-ready and offers a high level of data security through its architecture and features like muklti-factor authentication, encryption, classification and a file firewall. Through well-documented APIs, users can intergrade the ownCloud quickly with existing systems, processes or workflows. More than 200 million users worldwide already use ownCloud as an alternative to public clouds – and thereby opt for more digital sovereignty, security and data protection.


Oktober 9, 2020

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