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ownCloud joins IT-Sicherheitscluster e.V.

We are pleased to announce that ownCloud is an official member of IT-Sicherheitscluster e.V., which is based in Regensburg.

The IT Security and Safety Cluster promotes the further development and research of data protection, IT security and information security. With the IT-Sicherheitscluster, companies from the IT industry have joined forces with users, research and educational institutions as well as with experts in public law.

The cluster sees itself as a multiplier and contributes in these fields through numerous events, working groups, as well as by offering trainings and continuous education. A key feature, the information security management system CISIS12 (ISIS12V3), was developed especially for small and medium-sized organizations (SMBs). It is a security management system for small businesses which is easily installed in 12 steps. In addition, IT-Sicherheitscluster e.V. is active as a consortium partner of the Digital Start-up Initiative Upper Palatinate (DGO) in the promotion of start-ups.

ownCloud will contribute its special expertise around digital sovereignty and the protection of particularly sensitive data in the context of digital collaboration and will actively participate in the cluster’s work.

Tobias Gerlinger, ownCloud’s CEO, is very much looking forward to the professional and personal exchange in the network: „Digital sovereignty, which means nothing less than having full control over all sensitive data in the digital space, is one of the biggest challenges for companies and organizations in the digital age. As an open-source company, we place particular emphasis on the cooperation and strength of the community. IT-Sicherheitscluster e.V. is contributing immensely in this field and doing an outstanding job by enabling the networking and exchange of relevant regional and national players.“


Februar 17, 2022

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